About Us

I Originate Loans is part of Empowering Middle America which I founded on the belief that the average American (Middle America) is being ignored. 
Because the rich are rich they have advisors…..because the poor are poor they get government assistance. But Middle America doesn’t make enough to get the advice of top notch financial planners and Middle America makes too much to get assistance from the government. Middle America is left to fend for themselves. Living paycheck to paycheck….hoping they have enough for retirement after they send the kids to college. What’s that you say, you don’t have a 529 College Plan….of course not, you don’t have a top notch advisor you can trust. And what would you do if your spouse passed away tomorrow….do you have a living trust that is funded with a life insurance policy that will pay off your mortgage and ALL of your family’s future financial needs so your loved ones don’t have to lose everything you worked so hard to acquire?   
As a person born and raised in South Central Los Angeles I lived the scenario I just described. I saw my mom and dad work hard everyday to give me the advantages needed to escape the statistics of the “Hood”. I watched my mom work hard for what totaled 60 years of labor only to recently pass away with next to nothing. I watched her put her money into a 401(k), offered and managed by her employer, only to watch that money get cut in half because she did not have control of her money and she did not have an advisor to direct her financial moves. I watched as my mom made all of the conventional, traditional moves in life only to wonder if her S.S. check was going to cover her medical expenses this month. I saw how she thought she was a burden on me because she did not have enough money or resources to take care of herself in her time of need. And for those of you that think “Oh Medicare or the government will take care of me when I get old”, you are in for a rude awaking. Most of her money was devoured by medical bills……and Medicare has a limit on the coverage they give you. My mom was in the hospital for the last year of her life and she had to give up $900 of her $1400 in  S.S. in order to get Medicaid (Insurance poor people get for free). That means every month she got a bill from the hospital she had to pay a deductible from her S.S. of $900 leaving her $500 to live on. I don’t know about you but I am NOT leaving my welfare and well being to anybody especially the government….and I refuse to put myself in a position that, in my mind, would even begin to burden loved one….real or imagined!!!
And that, in part, is how Empowering Middle America came to be. 
We simply want everyone to have access to top notch financial advisors so you can control your finances. But somewhere in the inception of Empowering Middle America, we realized that to Empower Middle America is more than just connecting you with sound financial advice. To truly Empower Middle America we must address Wealth, Health & Overall State of Mind. What good is money if you are too sick or out of shape to enjoy it? How can you get in shape and eat properly without money for equipment and nutritious, healthy, organic food? What good is it to have money and health if you’re a moody, grumpy, unbalanced individual that can’t keep a relationship from imploding. So as we build Empowering Middle America we will expose you to time tested, best in their field products and services. 
Now this may raise the question “Why should I listen to what you have to say on the subject”? Well frankly you shouldn’t listen to me or anyone here at Empowering Middle America. We are not experts in any of those fields. BUT…..we know experts in those fields and we stand behind them 100%. Over the last 20 years my partner and I have been 1099 Independent Contractors, which basically means we are self employed. We’ve worked for many companies, had several businesses and we’ve networked with hundreds of people……so many people in fact that we thought about naming our company “I know A Guy”. But for some reason that kept conjuring up ideas of “Goodfellas” making an offer you can’t refuse. So don’t listen to us, our job is to simply bring these services and products to your attention….listen to the documented expert on the subject and draw your own conclusions. With that being said we are more than happy to give you references with phone numbers upon request from happy satisfied clients for any product or service we expose to you.  
From Insurance to Real Estate to Home Improvement to Work Out routines to Self Help……we know a guy that will help empower you and assist you in taking control of your life. Please join us in Empowering Middle America.